The Travelling Tribe was founded by two sisters, mothers and travel lovers, Amy Mills and Marissa Bowden.

Amy is an experienced freelance journalist, travel writer and content creator and Marissa is a former marketing executive and co-founder of Australia’s most-loved boutique market, The Village Markets.

"Growing up, we would pore over our parents' albums of their travels and listen to their incredible stories of hitchhiking through South Africa on Mum’s 18th birthday and of living in a Kombi around Europe. We were captivated by tales of cooking dinners under the stars, of long days spent swimming and eating seafood for weeks on end in Greece; immersing themselves in foreign cultures, taking in exotic sights and smells, forging new friendships and the absolute freedom, and endless possibilities that travel brings.

"Their wanderlust was infectious and thus the seed was planted at a very early age. We’ve both travelled a lot before kids – France, Spain, Turkey, Egypt, Thailand, Indonesia, Morocco, Switzerland, Russia, Prague, Belgium, the United States, Scotland, Ireland, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Croatia, Greece and a couple of years of living in London - creating our own memories to share with our tribes.

"We also want to see the world through our kids'  eyes and have created The Travelling Tribe to share insider’s guides for beautiful destinations – and hidden gems - around the world and inspire likeminded families to get out and explore with their tribes even if its just in their own backyards."