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When it comes to adventurous, fun-loving families who know how to get out and live life to the fullest, April Munro and her man Luke come to mind. This Gold Coast-based couple, with their adorable bebes Scout and Marlin in tow, have travelled to some pretty darn incredible places in Australia.

April has kindly agreed to share her experiences in the Kimberley, Uluru, Whitehaven Beach and their fave spot Rainbow Beach.

You recently visited some beautiful places in Australia including the Kimberley, Whitehaven Beach and Uluru. Was there a favourite?

It would be so hard to choose a favourite! We have travelled so much, and I just love travelling in Australia. I think it's so underrated as a destination by Australians. And travelling domestically with the kids is so much easier! We will definitely go back to the Kimberley to explore more. The remoteness of that area is just amazing. You feel you are in the middle of nowhere. It really feels like being on another planet; its not 'country', or 'beachy' - it's something of a mix of the two with this wild, romantic outback feel. The climate is great and it's just all about being outdoors and exploring, fishing and swimming. I think Uluru is a must for every Australian to visit. There is a complete spiritual presence there. It is mind blowing, and an awesome way to educate kids about indigenous Australia. You only need to go for a day or two so it can be tied in with another trip or weekend away.

You had some incredible experiences visiting the Kimberely, Uluru and Hayman Island. Can you share a treasured memory from the trip?

So many! At Uluru, watching the sunrise and hanging out with one of the Aboriginal elders was completely unforgettable. In the Kimberley, the only way to travel up there is pretty much by air only so we took choppers everywhere - fishing, waterfalls, beaches; it was so much fun! The waterfalls up there are just beautiful and because it is so warm, it's so refreshing. The sunsets in Western Australia are spectacular. On Hayman, we had a private chopper ride to Whitehaven Beach, which was totally empty. We had the most delicious picnic hamper with Champagne and lazed on the beach.

For those looking to take their tribes somewhere a little easier to get to than those iconic spots, you guys also visit Rainbow Beach [located between Noosa and Fraser Island in Queensland] a lot. What would your ideal family day at Rainbow Beach look like?

Wake up and hit the beach. If you have a 4WD, you can drive down to the beach to Double Island Point. As you drive, you pass The Coloured Sands which are beautiful, high sand dunes in all different colours due to the minerals in the sand. Then we would set up on Double Island Point and swim, surf and fish. It is a beautiful sand-bottom point break with tidal lagoons and crystal clear water. If we catch fish, Luke usually fillets them and we cook them for lunch on the beach with a fresh loaf of bread. Yum! We might go for a walk around the headland, explore the rocks or visit the lighthouse. Then on the drive home, we usually climb the sand hills and stop for an afternoon drink and watch the sun set. Beautiful!

Can you share a hidden gem at Rainbow Beach?

In the town, the Plantation Resort is great for couples or families. There is an Italian restaurant called Arcobaleno - or Arco's - which is delicious and BYO and located in the cutest little courtyard setting. The pumpkin ravioli is awesome. Also, there is a beautiful, sand-bottom, freshwater creek in the bush five minutes from town called Seary's Creek, which is great for a swim on a hot day.

You guys have plenty of adventures but live at Queensland's Southern Gold Coast. What do you love most about your hometown?

The easy access to amazing beaches and Currumbin and Tallebudgera Creeks. Even though we are a city, some days [especially mid-week] it can feel like we are on holiday on a remote tropical island. We love being outside and it is so easy to be outside here. We also head out to Currumbin Valley a lot to swim in the rock pools. We also love that we can live an outdoor life, but also have great shops and restaurants at our fingertips. The Southern Gold Coast has some amazing new cafes and restaurants now, and we love the Friday night Sanctuary Markets at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.

Where to for great coffee in your hometown?
The Salt Mill at Currumbin Beach.

What is your favourite hidden gem on the Gold Coast?

Echo Beach at Tallebudgera and Zipang at Currumbin.

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